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It’s Party Time! 

I have getting slowly but steadily into incorporating flash/strobes into my photography. A while back both me and my wife, marydeemateo had been to Portland, Oregon, to photograph a wedding (You can read more about the wedding here ). I have been fiddling around with my SB-910 flash unit for a while and thought this would be a great opportunity to try out some rear sync, slow shutter, flash photography. I have always been inspired by the work of some amazing photographers, who have used this technique so well. I could definitely do better, but for a start I am glad it worked out pretty decent!

Baby steps

My mom, sis & nephew are visiting me this week and what a fun time it has been! My nephew, Vihaan, is a bundle of non stop energy. Whenever they visit me, I make sure that I take a lot of photos of him & try to document each of the wonderful stages of his childhood. His curiosity and playfulness remind me of the very qualities that I need to keep alive within me as I grow older and enter phases of my life that I am yet to explore. I learn from him to never let the child within me grow old. These are a few images I managed to capture of this roller-coaster of a boy!

Lazying around!

I happened to witness the most chilled out walrus I have ever seen in my life! This guy was so nonchalant and simply lazed around in his pool, sticking his head out like as if he was in a spiritual mode. I honestly had a tough time capturing these shots as I was literally laughing my guts out. Somehow I managed to get these shots of this lovable lazy giant.

Portraits from Orcas

Two of my favorite portraits of my friend, while we were on a visit to the San Juan Islands. These were taken at Orcas Island, my favorite of the San Juans. We were exploring the area when we came across this beautiful spot where the light was perfect. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you should definitely visit these islands and enjoy some of the best that this part of the world has to offer.

Camping at the Olympic Peninsula

This summer has been quite an exciting one for both me and my wife. We hiked way more than we have ever hiked in our life. At the beginning of this year, a four to eight mile hike used to be that tiring & dreaded feat but now we can easily last that distance and still go on. That came in handy when we went for possibly the last long hike before the summer ran away from the Northwest.

We drove over to the Olympic Peninsula, a 4 and a half hour beautiful drive along the coastline. We were racing against time to get over to the parking lot area at Shi Shi Beach, so that we could catch some last remnants of the fading sunlight. Carrying about 35 pounds of gear, food and camping equipment on our back ( Thank you Dr.Baker, my Chiropractor, for completely fixing my back!!!), me and my wife set out on the 2 mile hike, to get to the beach. 

We breezed through the hike and within an hour, reached the beach. Shi Shi beach is truly one of the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest. The rocky shoreline and moonless night gave me plenty of opportunity to shoot some decent exposures of the star studded landscape. We photographed till around 10:30 PM and then headed to the beach to camp.

Watching the milky way moving over our tent while laying on our backs (we got one of those netted ceiling tents just for the stars :)) and falling asleep hugging my love, made me feel that everything is at peace, at harmony and tranquil.

We woke up early next morning and hiked up another 2.5 miles to get to the far side of the beach, called Point of Arches. The tide was low and there was just enough clouds to add some much needed character to the sky. We both had a lot of fun exploring the tide-pools and taking photographs of the beautiful morning light kissing the surfaces of the landscape. 

These photographs will forever remind us of the wonderful weekend trip both of us had. It was pretty much perfect in every way :)